How Do E-Cigarette Smoke is Big, Here’s a Tutorial!

Playing with e-cigarettes in addition to give up smoking, is to play big smoke, smoke ring. Today to vapor how can talk about the e-cigarette smoke?

E-cigarette smoke size has been our evaluation is an important indicator. He asked us to smoke, to find a better alternative, in fact, in addition to nicotine, smoking still addicted to smoke at any time of pleasant sensation, e-cigarettes can make similar to cigarette smoke, and smoke oil also offers a variety of flavors, fun is much safer than traditional cigarettes. Everyone knows the size of the smoke and smoke oil, snow machine, power, etc.What on earth is that, just talk to you today.

The smoke liquid PG/NG in proportion

Smoke oil, is an important factor influence the smoke (note: PG refers to propylene glycol, VG glycerin), VG high smoke will big oh.


This should be needless to say, everyone also all know, now there are a lot of friends use their producing atomizer core, want to get better effect, different atomizer will have notWith the difference.

Power, voltage, resistance

At higher power, the smaller the resistance angry words is, the greater the amount of don’t blindly to the pursuit of high power e-cigarettes. Resistance under different conditions, the output power is poor, is amazing, also don’t go for resistance is very small, he will let you oil absorption speed, can’t follow you guide oil rate.

If big, of course, is the pursuit of smoke resistance as small as possible, small resistance voltage atomizer vaporization is fast, you smoke; Failing to guide oil material oil absorption speed, evaporation rate, conducting oil materials will be burning oh, the greater the resistance, the less power the faster heating spray solution. The resistance value according to the size, of course, your e-cigarette of materials to choose the best.

How do e-cigarette smoke? In on the BBS in the group will often hear someone talking about this problem, the pursuit of big smoke friend more and more, but few people can really say on the ideas, mostly hear is so-and-so resistance smoke is bigger than certain value, and so on. In fact this is not accurate, quoted in science and engineering is put aside the premise scope about the results are all play rascal. Why do you say that, let me be.

The factors affecting the amount of smoke in the final analysis and only three, temperature, heating area, ventilation! ! ! If you must KouZiYan say what cotton plug method and so on, then, I when you’re all naive. On the below :


Want to need to make the big and thick smoke heat wire quickly reach the temperature of evaporating liquid smoke, and to keep the temperature above the liquid evaporation smoke temperature, to ensure that the smoke liquid smoke are constantly evaporation consumption. Extended drive, is under a certain data need to make enough temperature of heat wire of power will be changes over different factors. Calculate according to the formula or some simple software to calculate the power is not reliable.

Many variables affect the result:

a.Oil guide speed, evaporation can take away a large amount of heat is known to all, as long as the guide oil liquid evaporation rate faster than smoke, then can open to a higher power. Open your imagination, assuming that the heat wire into the liquid in the beaker filled with smoke, are theoretically under the condition of infinite conducting oil, if we can open a infinite wattage? The answer is no, the greater the power wire heating at high temperature the faster, but there are heat wire hot melt limit.

b, External temperature, the lower the outside temperature, heat wire will more energy to achieve the required temperature, you need to open a higher wattage, it is easy to understand. Assume that design a device can make the heat wire in liquid nitrogen environment, it needs more power to achieve the temperature of the liquid evaporation smoke? You can think about. So everybody to want to under the premise of considering the variable, as far as possible make heat wire quickly achieve and maintain the required temperature, continuous liquid evaporation smoke, you can gain a greater amount of smoke.

2, Heating area

Heating area is the most important factors that affect the amount of smoke. After the heating area, the greater the temperature is reached, smoke fluid, the greater the contact area and the greater the amount of evaporation, the greater the smoke will. If you can’t understand, please imagine a teppanyaki red basin glycerin the splash effect with a wire burning red glycerin splash effect comparing. Want to emphasize here is, has nothing to do with resistance, has nothing to do with resistance, has nothing to do with the value! ! ! First popular science knowledge, under the same length, diameter of heat wire the more thick, the smaller the resistance; The longer the heat wire under the same diameter, the greater the resistance. Under the same circle diameter, 0.1 mm of filaments, around 1 coil resistance is 0.1 Ω. 1.0 mm thick silk around ten laps, resistance to 0.1 euro. Asked which data of large amount of smoke, the results are obvious, 1.0 ten laps heating area is larger, smoke, the greater the amount of nature also. So don’t take it for granted that 0.1 is greater than 0.3 Ω smoke that, to comprehensively consider variables under the premise of combining the data of heat wire to come to the conclusion that smoke quantity size.

3, Ventilation

Ventilation is the factors, which affect the smog amount minimum, because the current mainstream drops of oil atomizer design of ventilation is sufficient. This is also very good understanding, on the premise of temperature, heat enough, if the vent is small, the same time of inhaled smoke will naturally small. Big star also is advantageous to the atomizer and ventilation cooling, don’t make much discussion here.

To sum up, the main factors influencing the amount of smoke temperature, heating area, ventilation, but how to get a satisfactory result of smoke, need is the accumulation of experience and practice for a long time, if it is to pursue big smoke atomizer resistance value is as small as possible, you choose in the atomization core and battery, also need to match good oh.

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