Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 – Newest Version Reviewed

The newly released Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is an upgrade of the highly popular Dead Rabbit RDA, which maintains the dual quad post deck for single or dual coil setup, updating the airflow adjustment for greater flexibility and adaptability. The side airflow vent is now wider for better atomization and greater vapor production. The tall flat base and large dual wide slots to provide for easy and efficient coil building and superior airflow. There is also a new side post cap that raises the lip of the RDA to a higher level. This will help you get a better vapor experience from your e-liquid.

dead rabbit v2

One of the biggest problems with a lot of RDA owners is poor air flow. By adjusting the airflow options on the RDA, you can greatly improve air flow. The air flow becomes much more efficient when you have two airflow designs on your dead rabbit v2. These two airflow designs are the honeycomb airflow and the side flow.

The honeycomb airflow inlets are new and improved to give you the most efficient possible performance. The honeycomb design will increase airflow in two ways. First, by increasing the amount of surface area that can be covered by a single coil, you will improve vapor production and your atomization. And second, the v2 body will allow for larger insides, increasing your airflow in two ways.

The side flow option on the dead rabbit rda is just like the original dead rabbit v2 with the exception that it uses a double inset dual airflow system. This dual airflow system allows you to get the vapor you want without having to use a secondary coil. By using the dual inlet system, the side airflow ensures that you will get more vapor than the original v2 did.

There is also a new slide feature available on the RDA called the slide-out base. This slide feature is a great addition to the dead rda. The slide out base allows you to upgrade your inbox without removing the dead RDA. It will not change the functionality of your unit, but it will change the appearance.

The other major change with the RDA is the dual coil system. The dead rabbit 2 comes standard with a dual coil system. While many people will tell you that they like dual coil systems, I personally prefer the original dead rabbit v2 because of the performance of the dual coil system. The difference between a dual coil and a single coil system is quite noticeable. When you decide to upgrade to a dual coil system you will definitely notice a major increase in vapor production and even increased flavor!

The deck of the dead rabbit v2 has been completely overhauled. While it still has two coils, it has been upgraded to a single coil deck. I prefer the single coil deck over the dual because the flavor is better at control and the draw control is much easier. Some of the best juice I have had comes from the single coil deck.

The biggest advantage I find with the new version of the dead rabbit v2 is the new adjustable airflow controls. By allowing you to adjust the airflow to your liking, you can get a good almost taste like the original dead rabbit v2. And the airflow adjustments are much easier than the original version!

While the original version had this awesome look, it just made the vapor taste horrible. The vapor from the original version was so dense that it just tasted like charcoal. So the first thing I did when I got the hellvape dead rabbit v2 is get a quality vapor machine for my home. I went with the Hellvape Eravate Drip Tip.

With the dual coil deck I can now get almost pure vapor with very accurate flavors. The best thing about the Hellvape eRavate Drip Tip is that it can be adjusted from a medium airflow to a very deep draw. The ability to adjust the airflow to your liking is a huge advantage over the original version of the dead rabbit.

The air flows through a larger sized base than the original model and also has larger and thicker coils. While this model has the airflow ability I want from a drip tip, it does have the issue of some air leaking out the side of the barrel. The only real way to fix this is to re-tapp the end of the barrel in order to make sure that air is trapped better. Overall I am very happy with the Hellvape eRavate Drip Tip and I would recommend this barrel mod to anyone looking for a solid performing and quality RBA kit.