AEGIS Boost Vaporizer Mod – Features and Benefits of the AEGIS Boost Card Mod

aegis boost pod mod

The aegis boost Pod Modular kit is a new product from VandyVape which is designed to enhance the experience of both the Kicking pill and the Vaping pill. The Aegis Boost Pod consists of two independent coils (KAL 0.5ohm, fit for twenty-five), to serve both the Kicking experience and the Vaping experience. The dual-coil design also allows the user to adjust the power and voltage according to his personal taste.

The Aegis Boost Pod Modular comes with an adjustable airflow dial, a built-in battery and an electronic air charger. The adjustable airflow dial allows you to experiment with the amount of vapor produced during the sessions of Vaping. The modulates the heat produced by the heating system of the Vaping device. This gives a unique benefit to the user as it modulates the temperature of the liquids to a more comfortable level. Thus you are able to concentrate on the actual session, rather than adjusting the airflow dial, which can be a distraction that takes away your focus and makes you less productive in the process.

Another innovation of the aegis boost pod mod is its battery life. Unlike the normal AEGIS batteries which use a paper learning session to record the voltage and current levels of the coil, the KAL wire batteries used in the aegis modular come with a memory chip programmed with the desired voltage and current levels. Thus, the battery does not require recharging each time it gets discharged. As the chip gets programmed into the memory, the aegis coils tend to operate at a higher wattage level and produce more vapor, resulting in increased battery life. In some cases, this can increase the battery life up to 40% of its original capacity.

One of the most asked questions about the aegis boost pro is how it works. Well, the KAL chip found in the aegis boost or allows it to be compatible with almost any e liquid flavors. From coffee to grape to grapefruit to the traditional fruit flavor, the aegis boost pro allows you to experience a variety of different flavors with the same device. Best of all, this quality means you get to enjoy all these flavors in vastly increasing quantities, allowing you to have a constant supply of vapor for a longer period of time. You would normally find this hard to do, especially with a single flavor vapes.

The aegis boost pod modular is also a great example of a unique portable vaporizer. They are perfect for people who travel a lot or are often away from a typical charger. This is because you can still enjoy a steady stream of vapor from your favorite flavor while you are out on the go.

The aegis boost offers a sleek design, along with a full build quality that will not break the bank. There is no need to worry about the mod clogging up when in use, as it has a self tightening silicone ring, which ensures that no moisture will escape. The silicone ring is also highly durable and will not require much maintenance in the long run. This means that you can get a unit like this, that lasts for several months, for only a few dollars.

One of the biggest selling points of this amazing vaporizer is that it comes with a variable wattage and a built in ceramic heater. The aegis boost actually features two different chips that work separately, giving you the ability to set a high or low wattage for your vapor. This can be extremely handy for someone who doesn’t always need to use a lot of vapor, allowing them to save money on a unit that is not as powerful. This is a huge bonus over similar devices on the market, such as the Pax 2 and Joytech Evolutes.

Another great feature of the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod is the fact that it allows users to control their temperature with a variable airflow dial. When a user wants a hotter fire, they simply turn up the airflow dial, and when it reaches a certain point, the firing process kicks in. It is a very unique feature, and one that make using this incredible vaporizer a lot more enjoyable. If you are looking for a phenomenal experience when it comes to a vaporizer, take a look at the aegis boost.