AEGIS Boost: Review

aegis boost

The newest member of the vapor line, the Vandy Vapor Clubblade aegis boost combines top quality components in a single package. This single unit has everything you would want from a vaporizer including a high quality build deck, a large mouth piece and a unique and innovative dual battery system. The Vandy Vapor Clubblade AEGIS Boost has been designed for the serious vaper who wants to experience the best that there is while still spending less money. There are plenty of vaporizers out there, but this one has a lot going for it.

The Vandy Vapor Clubblade AEGis boosts your wattage with a quartz chamber and includes a rebuildable ground glass deck. It also has superior quality internal parts and superior quality parts making it one of a kind. The Vandy Vapor Clubblade AEGis boosts your wattage using a quartz glass body, which helps to regulate the heat. The quartz glass body ensures that you get a cool flavorful draw every time and the heat distribution is better than most products in its category. In addition to boosting your wattage, this vaporizer also has a dual temperature control system.

The Vandy Vapor Clubblade AEGis has a unique two-level temperature control system built into it. The first level controls the temperature with a pull cord and a programmable feature. The second level is a shock resistant, hi-tech electronic thermometer that monitors your vapes progress with a customizable LCD display.

The vaporizer works with a precision-tuned ceramic heater. The aegis boost pro 100w features an adjustable airflow system with a finger pad for easy temperature adjustment. There are also two front air ports, one in the top filling section and another at the bottom. There are also three adjustable airflow settings, a low, medium and high cap. There are also two side by side water tanks, one for liquid and the other for oil.

The vaporizer is fully equipped with a universal voltage adaption port that can be used on any AEG with a NiCad or compatible battery. It also has a unique electronic keypad that has seven programmable buttons. The jackaroo technology allows it to fire up with one press of the button. It uses a high-speed, lithium ion rechargeable battery that offers extreme power efficiency. It features an adjustable top airflow, a hi-tech, rubber grip, and a precision-tuned engine that are capable of firing up to eighty minutes per charge.

The aegis boost comes complete with an additional battery and charger. This unit is compatible with most iPod accessories including iPod adapters, car chargers, and wall adapters. A charging cable is included along with the mod. It is also compatible with most AEG devices that use standard batteries, including AEG’s, GIMP, V2, GP, MO, and spring guns.

One of the unique features of this AEGiS model is its “jackaroo dual box mod”. This is designed to use two AEGs simultaneously. This dual box mod provides the user with a more convenient way to manage their battery usage. Users can adjust the wattage and the voltage at any time while still keeping the battery level the same. It also has a hi-tech, rubber grip for superior grip.

The aegis boost has a lot of advanced features. Some of these features include: auto shut off, programmable wattage, pod system, variable voltage, and variable temp control. The auto shut off feature makes it possible for the AEGiS to switch on when it is in standby mode and turn off automatically. The pod system allows users to program a variety of different sound patterns, which are stored on memory chips located within the AEGiS. The variable voltage option allows the user to set a maximum and minimum volt that the AEGiS will operate from. Finally, the fire button can be left on if desired for a few seconds without turning on the unit.