AEGIS Boost Product Review

aegis boost

The aegis boost Vaporizer is a new, hot new electronic humidifier from VandyVape. It’s a great companion for any gourmet chef or everyday guy or gal who wants to enjoy the benefits of a vaporizer but without having to mess with messy charcoal messes or lighter fluid spills. The AEGIS Boost not only produces a flavorful vapor, it also a great replacement for a kitchen countertop vaporizer. It’s designed to be a desktop vaporizer but it can also be used on a range of commercial vaporizers as well.

The AEGIS Boost features a larger LCD screen with a touch-sensitive dial and push buttons. It also comes with a handy remote control with a variable speed dial and buttons for temperature changes. The AEGIS Boost has a double airflow control with a removable glass carafe and a replaceable water bottle. The most important feature of the AEGIS Boost really is that it’s a safe and water-free electronic vaporizer with a high heat output.

The AEGIS Boost for 100w pod mod kit comes complete with two separate receivers. One receiver is designed for use with a brand-new triple-A battery. The other receiver is designed to work with the existing triple A battery. By using the separate receivers you can take advantage of both a higher wattage output. The AEGIS Boost Pro-100w pod mod kit is a great way to get a completely brand new feel to your Vaping Experience.

The aegis boost comes in two kits. The original and upgraded aegis boost, and the jackaroo pod kit. Both come in the common green color. The upgraded version includes a digital control display panel. The increase in wattage is done through a larger quartz battery and a miniaturized technology called Samsung quartz battery. The jackaroo pod kit version includes a digital LED display panel, which also includes a voltage indication LED.

The aegis boost comes standard in two flavors. One is a mild lemon flavor and the other is a grapefruit blend. The grapefruit flavor tastes like real grapefruits. It also includes a stainless steel preload coil and a front panel metallic basket. The build quality is excellent, and the components are well constructed and heavy duty.

The vaporizer runs on a two different sets of batteries. There are a rechargeable battery and a lipbalm/commonly referred to as a quick swap battery. This allows the user to swap out the batteries without having to connect a cord. This is a wonderful feature for those that live alone, do not want an endless night of cabling, or just want to go out for a smoke without a mess.

The vaporizer is also sold separately as a complete kit with a glass tank, a triple copper negative wire coil, and a preloaded coil. The price is around $75 for the kit. The benefit of these kits is that you do not need a charger. These batteries are also not compatible with any atomizer, due to the thermal action of the metals used to make the coils.

One of the most popular models with the AEGIS Boost team is the “Pod System”. The AEGIS Boost Pod System is a three-part system. There are the AEGIS Pod (which can be removed from the system), the batteries, and a reusable cotton pad. The batteries are designed to be used on pods while the cotton pads can be used for regular pods. This system allows the user to have portable power, great flavor, and the quality of airflow they desire.

The “Pod” itself is a coil that is sold separately and can be replaced by a professional through their website, or you can replace the coils with the AEGIS Boost’s replacement coils. These replacement coils are a perfect match for the AEGis Boost, since they use a copper wire core and a triple copper core. This allows them to utilize the same type of airflow without the risk of damaging your device, but they still provide an impressive flavor and draw strength.

For even greater portability and flexibility, the “Pod System” allows you to replace the coils with ones of your own design. Many people prefer to “recycle” the” Pod” coils to save money and increase convenience, but I personally prefer to purchase a new AEGis Boost. With the “Pod System” all you have to do is put it in the water and start using it right away. The advantage of this is the ability to be able to change up the flavor and draw strength of your electronic device, thus increasing the overall pleasure of your personal experience with it.

Overall, the AEGis Boost is a great starter kit. Although it doesn’t include the pods and coils that can be bought separately, it does include a very well thought out user manual, and a lot of good basic information about electronic cigarettes and their benefits. It also comes with a nice little built-in hygrometer to measure your nicotine intake, and a built-in battery that should last a long time.