AEGis Boost Basic Kit Review

aegis boost

The aegis boost is a vaporizing humidifier that comes with a new electronic kit. It is a high end unit that should give you exceptional performance. Here are some features of this vaporizer. Read on and know more about it.

One thing that sets this vaporizer apart from other similar units is that it uses a special charging method. This kit contains a microprocessor that helps in the activation of the AEGIS Boost. There is a power strip that helps maintain the right voltage. It also has what they called the “throttle” system.

The AEGIS Boost has a special charging system built in for the electronic components. It has what they called the “intake port”. In essence, this handy port allows you to increase or decrease the amount of juice that flows through. Basically, by increasing the wattage, you’ll experience a stronger blast of vapor. By decreasing the wattage, you’ll experience a softer blast of vapor.

The AEGIS Boost utilizes two tanks. One tank holds the liquid flavor extract, while the second tank holds the mechanical refill coil. You simply fill both tanks up with the juice that you want and pump the refill button. The AEGIS Boost will then do all the work and make sure you get the perfect flavor every time.

The AEGis Boost comes in two different sizes. The smaller version is only about twice as big as the standard sized vaporizer. This makes it great if you are thinking of investing in a vaporizer for personal use or even a small group of friends. If you plan on using the AEGis Boost as a large home system, however, it’s recommended that you purchase the larger model.

Speaking of the AEGis Boost, it has a lot of user friendly features. First of all, it includes two high power LED lights, a digital timer, and a digital keypad. Next, the kit has a front USB-C port, adjustable top airflow, and a battery backup. Lastly, it comes with a charger, a universal voltage adapter, and a universal plug adaptor.

The base of the AEGis Boost is a little bigger than a normal vaper, and it includes a rechargeable battery. Inside the base is a jackaroo liquid spill-proof enclosure, a universal voltage adaptor, a USB cord, a power cord, and a leak-proof silicone o-ring. The pump also contains a universal voltage adapter and a turbo-style variable-speed fan. To top off this unit, the side connector plugs have a universal power adapter. This means that you can use the AEGis Boost with a wide range of devices, including but not limited to computers, vaporizers, e-cigs, e-juices, lip vaporizers, inhalers, and any other type of vapor product that utilizes a USB connection.

The AEGis Boost also comes with a two-year warranty and a one-year warranty for the universal voltage adaptor. The manufacturer recommends that this unit is used with a vaporizer that utilizes a wattage of at least 400 watts and a nicotine concentration of one percent or less. Using this with a higher wattage product may result in a decreased amount of vapor and a shorter burning time. If you do decide to use this with higher wattage products, however, the turbo-style variable-speed fan will help extend the life of your unit.

One of the unique features on the AEGis Boost is its dual box mod. In this device, a stainless steel spring-loaded metal body holds the dual battery pack, while a front cover protects the electronic circuitry. The front of this unit has a button that operates the dual box mod. To change the modes, a switch on the side is used. A charging port is located on the bottom of this unit, which also houses the battery, an electronic keypad, a six-volt power adapter, and a dual micro-thin wood composite outer shell.

This AEGiS Boost kit is available in two options; the SMART mode, which feature a high quality three-phase dual battery, and the turbo, which have a high quality five-phase battery. Both options have a medium charge capacity and a high performance atomizer. The stainless steel spring-loaded metal body is completely smooth and has a one-year warranty. A gold-plated front make this unit very attractive, and it is provided with a rubberized top cap for added protection. It also includes a USB cable and a wall clip.

While the AEGiS Boost is designed to use one of its patented charging stations to charge the battery, it can also be used with a normal wall outlet. It does not use a laptop adapter, so it is very safe to use on the go. The charging station even allows the user to adjust the power level of the vaporizer coils, allowing for a very precise start. This kit offers a very affordable price and has a wide variety of features that make it suitable for many different models of portable vaporizers.