A New Twist on an Old Favorite – The Aegis Boost Pod Mod

The AEGIS Boost Pod Mod has a lot going for it. For one, it has a great price tag. For another, it can be used with both the Sanyo and GeekVape Vapor mods. However, what a lot of people are having a problem with is the durability of the unit. How long do you think that a battery mod should last?

aegis boost pod mod

If you want to get a little technical, here’s how the aegis boost pod mod works. Basically, it has a two battery system inside the unit, one that plugs into the front of the Sanyo eGo Vaporizer that you already have and one that plugs into the included USB cord on the bottom of the unit. The cool thing about the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod is that it has an aegis which, much like a handheld radar gun, lets you know just how much juice your vaporizer is currently giving you.

When you first get your hands on your AEGIS Boost Pod Mod, you’ll notice that there is a neat little feature. There is a handy little back-light on the aegis itself that shows you your current voltage level. This is important because it means that the aegis knows how much wattage your vaporizer is giving you, so if you want to overclock your aegis, all you have to do is turn the back-light up a little higher. The aegis also has a variable airflow dial, which allows you to adjust how fast the air goes through your device.

Now, let’s talk about how the AEGIS pod mod works. To use this product, you basically turn it on and then insert a USB cord into the included “charging tray”. You then turn on the aegis and it begins to heat up. When it heats up, it begins to produce a constant stream of vapor that you can inhale through your nasal and oral cavity a as you take a deep breathe.

This is a cool little mod and it will make a great gift idea for any avid vaper. It’s a bit more pricey than the Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo, but you will defiantly be getting a quality item. If you are a serious paper, you will love the aegis boost. For everyday use, the vandy eGo mod will perform exactly as it says.

So what makes this gadget so special? The aegis series battery is a real sweet deal. It comes with a triple A battery, which delivers extra output power. There is a charging port on the bottom, which allows the user to quickly connect a new battery if one is needed. All batteries come with a manual override function that allows the user to increase or decrease output power.

The aegis boost pod mod has an adjustable airflow control. This is a nice feature as a lot of models do not have this control. Most are fine, but aegis adds a nice touch. They also have a variable airflow control that can help you get the perfect warm air feel. In my experience, this is a very nice addition, especially when paired with the Cloudflow system that allows you to customize the airflow in order to get the perfect indoor temp.

The aegis boost also has a built in atomizer. This may seem odd, but it is a very nice feature for a device that can only be used while your cigarette is on. The built in atomizer allows you to use fresh cotton to fire off your cigarettes without worry about a clog. This is a great feature for someone who is thinking of quitting cigarettes, but still wants the convenience of always having a fresh hit. If you enjoy puffing a cigarette as well, this may be a great device for you.