2020 Redefine your SMOK — SMOK NORD KIT.

Undoubtedly, the most successful one in 2020 is the small smoke. We play fogism and also evaluate a lot of small cigarettes. Today, bread gives you a small cigarette, NORD KIT set launched by SMOK company.

Nord is the latest multi-functional SMOK product from SMOK, which has a lot in common with Novo SMOK and has some unique features of its own.
Nord Smoke USES a 3ml smoke bomb with oil storage capacity. It contains a variety of coil models for users to choose, which can meet the different needs of mouth suction users or lung suction users.Small smoke built-in a 1100mAh battery, the highest output power is 15W.Nord Smoke is currently available in 13 colors, all with snakeskin or resin designs.

I had been using Novo Smokes for several weeks before testing the Nord. Both have the same snakeskin-skin panel design and rounded rectangle shape, and the Nord has an equally sturdy plastic casing but is slightly thicker.
The Nord has a comfortable handle and fits easily into a user’s pocket.
The Nord Smokes at 80G, twice the weight of the Novo, and measures 943018.8mm in size

Smok Novo

Let’s first look at the packaging of the NORD KIT.The overall black background, with the logo of SMOK in the upper left corner.The body of the cover is the appearance of the machine, and the four circles on the left also contain information about the product.

Oil storage capacity 3ml, steel mesh core heating, 2 kinds of atomizing core for you to choose (1.4euro 0.6euro), equipment capacity 1100mah.The color of the machine is written in the lower right corner.

On the side are bar codes and security labels. NORD is a button trigger device, relatively small in size.The optimized flat duck beak design is changed from the previous one to accord with the curve of the lips, which is more close to the mouth and gives a very natural feeling of use.The main body just used the serpentine grain of grid cloth shape to cover, low-key do not break costly.

smok nord

Now let’s talk about performance.Since it is a button trigger device, switch machine does not say.Everybody gets it.Five times.Of course, when you double click on the button, there will be different color lights to indicate the power level.

For this device, the bread thread tried a 0.6 ohm steel mesh core, the smoke, and it felt like it was back in the day.Small smoke figure, big smoke heart, I have to say, this is really nice.
Steel mesh core heating speed is also faster, guide performance is very good.At the same time, 1.4 ohms of conventional atomizing core, added with nicotine salt is also very comfortable taste.

smok nord

One machine, it’s really convenient.And the smoke, taste, the performance is relatively good.

Overall, Smok Nord Kit makes its own smokes in this age of smokes. It’s a one-machine, full-size smokes, and it’s really comfortable.At least you don’t have to worry about going out with a box or pole to play with smoke.